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As the founder of this company, I have always had a passion for tea and the rich culture and tradition that surrounds it. My goal has always been to share this passion with others and to provide high-quality, delicious teas that bring people together.

Whether you are a seasoned tea connoisseur or new to the world of tea, I believe that you will find something here that speaks to you.
Our tea collection has been carefully curated to offer a range of flavors and health benefits, so that you can find the perfect tea to suit your tastes and lifestyle

S.M. Khandelwal
Kamalesh Kumar Khandelwal



It is my pleasure to welcome you to our tea company, where we strive to provide you with the best quality tea that is infused with tradition and culture. Our commitment to quality, sustainability, and ethical sourcing practices has been the driving force behind our success.

As a tea company, we understand the importance of tea in people's lives. Tea is more than just a beverage - it is a symbol of tradition, culture, and social connection. Our goal is to share this passion with our customers by providing them with a range of teas that are not only delicious but also representative of different tea cultures from around the world.



At our company, we are committed to providing our customers with the best quality tea. I am passionate about the art of tea tasting, and I look forward to sharing my expertise with our customers. Whether you are a seasoned tea drinker or a novice, I am confident that you will be able to taste the difference in the quality of our teas.

My job is to evaluate and select the best quality tea leaves for our customers. I take great pride in being able to identify the unique flavor profiles and characteristics of each tea, and I use this expertise to ensure that only the highest quality teas make it to our customers.

Paras Kumar Khandelwal
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