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Mahaveer's Mix 500g
  • MAHAVEER's Mix is specially blended quality TEA which gives you a rich colour, alluring aroma and a great taste it's a finest quality garden fresh TEA in this special pack to keep the flavour and quality intact which gives you extra cup per pack

    Mix tea is a blend of leaf and dust is a unique type of tea that combines the best of both worlds. It combines the traditional practice of steeping tea leaves with the convenience of drinking tea from a powder. The result is a flavorful, aromatic, and nutritious cup of tea.

    The Mahaveer Mix tea leaves provide a subtle, earthy flavor while the powder adds a hint of sweetness. This creates a balanced and complex cup of tea that is perfect for any occasion.

    Mahaveer's Mix 500g

    • Licence No : 11215305000226


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