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Mahaveer's Gold 500G
  • MAHAVEER's Gold is  our specially blended quality TEA which gives you a rich colour, alluring aroma and a great taste it's a finest quality garden fresh TEA in this special pack to keep the flavour and quality intact which gives you extra cup per pack

    "Experience the rich and bold flavor of our Mahaveer Gold CTC Dust tea, a blend of premium quality tea leaves expertly ground into a fine powder. This tea is known for its intense flavor and full-bodied taste, making it a favorite among tea connoisseurs.

    Our Gold CTC Dust tea is made from hand-picked tea leaves sourced from the finest tea gardens in Assam & Northern Region . The leaves are carefully processed to retain their natural flavors and aroma, and are then expertly ground into a fine powder to maximize flavor and ease of brewing.

    Mahaveer's Gold 500G

    • Licence No : 11215305000226

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